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Adult Karate: The Fitness Routine That Has It All!

What does your fitness routine look like?

If you're stuck in the same gym routine and hoping for a change, Legacy Martial Arts & Fitness is here to help you redefine fitness with our unique kenpo karate system. You'll get a dynamic total-body workout, discover an incredible community, and engage with one of the most exciting fitness regimens in San Antonio! Check out our Adult Karate classes today to get started on an exciting, high-energy workout routine!

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Here's How We're Revolutionizing Adult Karate Classes

Using the principles behind Kenpo Karate and the HYPER system, we're able to provide an innovative and unique workout that will challenge your body, expand your mind, and get you the results you want. Most people trudge through the same boring, uninspired gym routine. They don't vary their workouts or enjoy the hour they spend working out. 

Now is your opportunity to ditch your boring routine andrediscover the joys of fitness with our Adult Karate classes!

Are you ready to take on an exciting, high-energy routine that blends traditional kenpo karate training with a modern aesthetic? Adults all over San Antonio are enjoying the real results and powerful community that come with practicing kenpo karate, and you could be next!

Join us today and get started on:
  • Sustainable workout routines that burn tons of calories
  • Build strong, lean muscle
  • Increase flexibility and enhance reflexes
  • Relieve stress and anxiety in a supportive setting

Our Community Is The Best In San Antonio

Training in kenpo karate through our Adults Martial Arts classes is an incredible way to boost your overall fitness and benefit both your physical and mental health. At Legacy Martial Arts Martial Arts & Fitness, we tap into the San Antonio martial arts community to create something unique, special, and inclusive. We train adults of all backgrounds and abilities, helping them to home in on their fitness goals through the tenets of karate. 

Join today and gain access to:
  • A supportive fitness community
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Heightened discipline
  • Individualized training

No matter whether your mission is to lose weight, gain muscle, or connect with the storied tradition of kenpo karate, our instructors here at Legacy Martial Arts & Fitness are here to help you achieve your goals!

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Get Started With Adult Karate Classes Today!

Join us at Legacy Martial Arts & Fitness to reignite the joy in your fitness routine through an exciting blend of traditional karate training and modern acrobatics, plyometrics, and more! Reserve your place in our Adult Karate program today!

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